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Network6 Online Issue Advertising

We are a Rich Media publication covering the FM – Cleaning – Energy – Waste – Built Environment – Supply Chain & Hygiene sectors with a monthly online publication that reaches a new audience with content marketing opportunities for you and your Brand successes, including an embedded video Advertising and Editorial content.

Network6 content marketing packages can also include a web banner on the Network6 website – www.network6.org.uk which has an inbuilt algorithm, meaning simply that all page views and visits generate new content and adverts.

Please email for detailsgavin@network6.org.uk

Distributed to over 10500* email audience each month.

Content Marketing with Network6 online B2B Magazine is simple and straight forward with media partnership support all the way and real analytic statistical support.


Advertising Rates

Two page (DPS) spread

A4 Full page

½ page – Vertical / Horizontal

¼ page (standard)

¼ page – Vertical strip

Full page – Horizontal /header/Footing strip


Prime Positions

Front Cover = Not for sale

Inside Front Cover

Outside Back Cover = Not available


Website Animated Banners

728 x 90 – Grandfather banner Leader board

180 x 150 – Small Rectangle

300 x 250 – Inline Rectangle

336 x 280 – Large Rectangle

120 x 600 – Skyscraper


Series Discount for all Content Marketing Packages

4 Publications run = 7.5% discount

8 Publication run = 10% discount

12 Publication run = 15% discount



Double page spread (DPS) – Size: Type area 297mm x 415mm

A4 Full page – Size: Type area 297mm x 210mm.

½ page – Vertical – Size: Type area 297mm x 105mm.

½ page – Horizontal – Size: Type area 146mm x 210mm.

¼ page (standard) – Size: -Type area 148mm x 105mm.


Software Formats Accepted

Hi Resolution PDF 96 dpi (794×1123 pixel) size. PDF/A or PDF/X format.

with embedded fonts, Jpeg, jpg – other files please ask.

Text files – Word, .txt files – Any formatting will be removed prior to publication.


Cancellations for series advertising must be confirmed in writing 3 weeks (15 working days) before publication date. We regret that without written cancellation, we must charge the full cost of advertising originally agreed.


Order Acceptance

All content marketing, Advertising and PR placed with Network6 , will be sent an Order acceptance confirmation . No unauthorised bookings will be carried.  


Agency Commission

Agency commission of 10% will be applied and agreed in advance of publication.


Invoicing and Payment

All above rates are NET – subject to VAT @ 20%. Terms are 30 days from date of invoice. Overseas accounts to be paid on pro-forma before publication. Failure to clear an invoice on time may result in the forfeit of any series discounts agreed and may also incur interest charges.

* Figures may vary for each issue due to data cleansing and opening rates and are for sample purposes only.

**All Data and subscriber details provided to Network6 – JCN Media Ltd. Will be held for 36 months before requalifying again. Our Date is strictly NOT FOR SALE TO ANY 3RD PARTY IN PART OR WHOLE AT ANYTIME. – GDPR 2018 Compliant.