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The Importance of Daily Office Cleaning

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The Importance of Daily Office Cleaning

The Importance of Daily Office Cleaning
Office cleaning is one of those business areas that receives very little accolade or recognition, yet is so important to the efficiency and wellbeing that a company would be much worse without it.
If a ‘tidy desk means a tidy mind’, what does a tidy office mean?
It means a happier, healthier workforce. It means a lower risk of infection, sickness, absence, or worse.
After the couple of years we have had, cleanliness and hygiene are paramount and should be at the forefront of every facilities or office managers’ mind.
But, let’s be specific. What specifically are the benefits of daily office cleaning? DAILY OFFICE CLEANING
Improved morale
A clean and tidy office is a nicer place to work.
We have all probably worked places that could have done with better cleaning, a lick of paint, or some TLC. Consider how that impacted how you felt about the space.
We imagine you didn’t feel positively towards it!
It’s the same in the office. A clean, well-maintained office provides a nicer place to work and shows staff you care about their welfare.
Both have a positive impact on morale, both consciously and unconsciously.
Improved attendance
Nothing impacts productivity like sickness or continued absence. While office cleaning is only one aspect of workforce health and wellbeing, it’s an important one.
Staff spending 8 hours a day or more in a place will be impacted by that place.
If that place is a clean office, the impact should be positive. If the office is not so clean, the impact could be negative.
Bacteria and viruses have been around far longer than COVID and much longer than humans.
Some employers appreciate the value of a clean workspace while others not so much.
There aren’t many reliable stats around telling us the exact positive impact of daily office cleaning, but it’s not difficult to imagine it’s significant!
Improved productivity
We touched on productivity already, but it’s important enough to warrant a little more discussion.
We know that a clean workplace is a happy workplace. We also know that clean offices help reduce sickness and absence. Both of which contribute to productivity.
There is also more to the productivity angle, as this study shows. as this study shows
While a few years old now, the study found a direct correlation between cleanliness in workplaces to employee satisfaction and higher perceived productivity.
Then there’s the basics.
Tangible, demonstrable differences daily office cleaning can make to everyone’s daily office routine.
Differences most people wouldn’t notice, but can make a genuine difference to productivity.
A clean workplace means everything is where it should be.
That means less time hunting for stationery, less time cleaning a desk before using it, cleaning the phone before putting it to your ear, less time wiping crumbs from yesterday’s lunch from your keyboard the next morning.
Then there’s finding the kettle or coffee machine, clean and ready for the morning coffee. Clean mugs ready to go, clean cutlery and a clean kitchen to make that morning drink.
A meeting room that has been cleaned since the last meeting. A whiteboard that doesn’t have to be wiped down from that presentation the day before. Clean glasses for water on the side, fresh water in the pitcher, and a clean remote control for the projector exactly where it’s supposed to be.
All things the average employee wouldn’t necessarily notice, but combine to increase speed and productivity within the average office.
COVID confidence
One thing the COVID epidemic did teach everyone is the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.
It was a hard lesson, but one most of us learned well.
Daily office cleaning forms part of that. Clean workspaces, clean desks, clean traffic areas, individual responsibility, and the increased importance of antibacterial treatments are just some of the changes that have happened since.
If your workforce is still hesitant to return to the office or prefer to work from home, a clean office is one of the main ways to encourage them back.
First impressions last
If clients visit your office or you have frequent visitors, daily office cleaning is a must.
Nothing can ruin a great first impression than an untidy or dirty office.
It takes more than a quick tidy up and emptying of the bins. It’s obvious, even to the untrained eye, when an office isn’t cleaned regularly.
If you want to grow, attract new clients and keep them, a clean workplace is the minimum you need.
A competent office cleaning service is designed to be invisible but the impact of what we do can be obvious and far-reaching.
It’s why we love what we do and take pride in the offices we clean each and every day. It’s a little thing, but it is those little things that make the world work.

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