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When dirt is trapped, pressure comes into play

From deep cleaning to stripping and demolition – Kärcher’s professional pressure washers really do provide a one-stop solution for even the most challenging applications.

Whether you’re cleaning a façade, floor or machine these hot and cold water pressure washers effortlessly, safely and effectively remove stubborn dirt and residues, of any kind, including dust, dyes and concrete – without any damage to the structure or surface. With up to 350 bar pressure, cleaning becomes extremely convenient and in some cases eliminates the need for cleaning agents all together. Plus, with Kärcher’s innovative EASY!Force trigger giving you the power to use high pressure with ease; various nozzle attachments that increase the machines’ versatility; combined with the highest level of durability and robustness make Kärcher machines an investment that continues to pay off for many years.


Combining power with portability – compact and lightweight with a built in carry handle, our portable range is incredibly easy to transport from site to site and even move up steps or ladders. These tough, easy-to-operate machines can be used in a vertical or horizontal position, making it safer for use at height or on uneven ground; and the potential for trip hazards is reduced with professional-grade accessories that are handily stored on board.

Cable-free cleaning – when difficult conditions meet demanding cleaning tasks, combustion machines really come into their own. Available in hot and cold variants, combustion models deliver several hours’ continuous use on a single tank of fuel and are ideal for cleaning applications where no power supply is available. Comprising a compact engine, puncture-proof wheels, steel chassis and an optional full cage frame for all-round protection and easy lifting by crane.

Total independence – if both water and electricity are hard to come by, why not bring them with you?  Mobile hot water, pressure washer trailers are versatile all-rounders which can be towed by or mounted within your existing vehicle (skid version). Generous on-board water and fuel tanks allow for long intervals of stand-alone use; they can also be connected directly to a permitted water supply to make the perfect professional companion for use in local authorities, construction and industry.

To find out how Kärcher can make a difference to the efficiency, productivity and cleanliness of your business, please call 01295 752142, email cleaning@karcher.co.uk or visit www.karcher.co.uk/pressurewashers

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