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Healthcare Facilities Management 2019 will take delegates on a journey

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Healthcare Facilities Management 2019 will take delegates on a journey

The NHS is the largest and most complex healthcare estate in Europe and represents £36 billion worth of buildings and equipment. FM managers are directly accountable for spending a significant share of the £100+ billion budget allocated to the NHS.

Healthcare Facilities Management 2019 will take delegates on a journey, some exemplars of success, some facing more challenges. Our purpose will be to unearth information and gain insights around Facilities Management.

healthcareFM EVENT .

In a time of change and uncertainty healthcare facilities providers and managers are facing their greatest challenge to improving efficiencies with ever decreasing budgets. At this conference, we will consider the challenges and view best practice solutions.

Facilities managers work within the NHS Trusts that operate in the UK and are responsible for everything that keeps hospitals in operation 24/7, 365 days a year: from buildings to security; porters to caterers; cleaners to maintenance. Other areas include car parks and transport, income generation, waste disposal, retail, residential accommodation, laundry and post. Future challenges include future proofing the workforce, out of hours retail provision, making the case for “food is medicine” and the use of compostable products. This conference will form the beginnings of a network that will support the diverse world of FM.

The whole health economy’s estate is hugely disintegrated and, in many cases, not fit for purpose – without the space, layout or facilities that will be needed in future. A £1bn surfeit maintenance list for Trusts which shows no sign of reducing, as hospitals struggle to keep on top of present demand with the buildings they have – let alone look to the future. Revenue budgets which continue to be plugged by money transferred from capital budgets. Moreover, the National Audit Office warning that spending in areas such as estate could alter the NHS’s ability to deliver the priorities of the long-term plan, especially if funding for these areas reduces.

There are multiple key asks of the spending review for those working to improve the NHS’s buildings for the people who use and work in them. First, a long-term capital plan must be just that: long-term. Give the system a sense of funding it will have to reinvest money into its buildings, technology and facilities over at least the next five years. Hospital trusts, CCGs and clinicians can really make improvements on the capital ventures which will make the largest difference for their patients and in delivering the Long-Term Plan. Second, use the Plan itself to determine the priorities for allocating capital.

For more information please see www.healthcarefm2019.co.uk Tickets are on general sale at £150 . Our delegates team have some discounted tickets at £99 which can be booked through them directly ( delegates@knowlex.co.uk ) quoting code NET6.


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