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Green light for 2.5 acre Battery Energy storage facility

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Green light for 2.5 acre Battery Energy storage facility

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Harmony Energy based in Yorkshire have secured planning permission for a second 49.5MW battery energy storage system, the new 2.5-acre facility, will incorporate multiple battery units, and will be built on land adjacent to Creyke Beck substation in Cottingham, East Yorkshire.
This is the second battery energy storage scheme on the site to be brought forward by Harmony Energy, which develops, builds, owns and operates renewable energy assets in the UK and overseas.
It is also the latest of a large pipeline of utility-scale storage and subsidy free solar projects that the developer will build, own and operate, with construction about to start on its first battery project on the south coast.
Alex Thornton, director at Harmony Energy, said: “Battery energy storage is the key to unlocking the true potential of renewable energy ,Utility-scale batteries are playing an increasingly important role in decarbonisation and grid balancing as more renewables come online and coal-fired power stations are retired and Creyke Beck is a hugely exciting project for us, not least because we will be connecting two of the UK’s largest batteries into the same substation where 2.4GW of offshore wind will come in from the North Sea.
“We see large batteries like these playing an increasingly important role in decarbonising and balancing the grid, as more and more intermittent renewables such as wind and solar assets come online whilst simultaneously traditional coal-fired power plants are retired.
“We expect huge levels of investment into the sector over the next five years and beyond and our pipeline of projects already shows the potential for landowners, investors and for the UK’s future energy security.”

Simon Currie, energy specialist at Carter Jonas, added: “Battery storage is playing an increasingly important role in the energy sector with its ability to store surplus renewable energy and release it back to the grid during periods of high demand, helping reduce fossil fuels use and atmospheric pollution.
“With the climate change emergency signalling a watershed moment in our industrial history, we are extremely pleased to have assisted in another development that helps reduce CO2 emissions.
“This is the second 49.5MW battery storage scheme Carter Jonas has secured planning consent for on behalf of Harmony Energy, demonstrating our expertise in this sector and ability to bring real value to our clients.”
Yorkshire-based Harmony Energy develops, builds, owns and operates utility-scale renewable energy assets across the UK.

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