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But who is keeping the batteries safe?

Industrial battery care is so critical and yet is so often overlooked. Juice Stored Energy explain why it’s important to look after your equipment.

But who is keeping the batteries safe?

Our dependence on machines in the modern world is staggering if you stop to think about it.
From critical medical equipment to computers our way of life and ongoing safety depends on those machines operating correctly. Materials handling equipment is quite rightly referred to as ‘mission critical’ and it goes without saying that health & safety remains pivotal within that environment.

Indeed it is easy to forget the impact that the Health & Safety at Work Act had since its inception in 1974. From 1974 to 2016 the reduction in employee related deaths has fallen by a massive 85% and the rate of employee injuries by 77% (RIDDOR).

Clearly the procedures in place across the country are effective in the majority of cases but with all eyes on the equipment just who is keeping the batteries safe? The heart of the machine.

So what are the real risks?

With a standard forklift battery pack costed at around £5000 with a warranty period of around 1650 cycles it is easy to see why end users may assume they have nothing to worry about for a while. The reality is that a poorly maintained battery can leak acid over the top of the cells and if connections are compromised an explosion can result. Add to that the risk of escaping gasses and leaking acid contaminating employees and you have a real issue.

An explosion is of course worst case scenario. Incorrect or poorly timed topping up regularly results in severely reduced life expectancy of the unit. The reality is that one expensive battery pack will require replacing after only 18 months whilst a well maintained unit will last 7 years plus. Factor that into the profit and loss and you have a big knock on effect. The main question at that point is ‘who is paying?’ We take the ‘total cost of ownership’ very seriously and the benefits are clear.

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Real benefit – Less risk!

Cost effective battery maintenance packages provide a hassle free solution for all critical issues. Whether it’s a forklift, a cherry picker, a low level pallet truck or a cleaning machine – it is the easiest way to protect your workforce and reduce costs.

At Juice Stored Energy we provide independent UK wide servicing and act on behalf of the OEM during the warranty period. Our 25 years of experience and exceptional service have resulted in an impressive portfolio of both independent and large national blue chip clients including John Lewis Partnership, Booker Distribution, Nestle, Aldi & B&Q.

Services range from battery & charger supply, topping contracts, service and rental across all brands and all technologies.  National fleet management, asset processing and resident engineers are just some of the options available.

The key thing is we are truly ‘independent’. We act as an unbiased ‘voice of reason’ between the fork lift truck provider and the end user. Simply put, we improve our clients return on investment and effectively ‘sweat their asset’. Truly a win, win for all parties.

National coverage

DWEbCaRXkAAL76vJuice Stored Energy provide services across the UK deploying 17th edition qualified engineers utilising the latest in cloud based management systems. Free training on charging and cable storage is provided to site operatives nationally.

Customer service and safety are critical elements of our service offer. We provide our clients with professional, up to date information in real time. This has been hugely instrumental in our 30% year on year growth.

Unlike other companies we provide bespoke packages that are specific to client needs. Everything is possible, from simple battery topping up contracts to national energy management and budget planning.

On a daily basis our services reduce the health & safety risk to both employees and members of the public. The reality is that we deliver that eventuality and reduce the cost for our clients at the same time.

To book a site survey or get more information on Juice Stored Energy call 0800 6335 532 or visit www.juiceenergy.co.uk

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