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Vertas Group announce new food waste recycling service

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Vertas Group announce new food waste recycling service

Vertas Group’s waste management consultant arm, Vertas Environmental, has announced the launch of a new food waste recycling service, adding to its ever-growing waste management capabilities. The new service, which is available for businesses across the UK, provides an effective and environmentally friendly way to recycle food waste.
The food waste collected will be treated sustainably and used to generate green energy through anaerobic digestion. Anaerobic digestion is a biological process in which food waste is broken down by micro-organisms in the absence of light and oxygen.
To deliver this service, Vertas Environmental has partnered with Sole Bay Waste and Recycling Services, and Keenan Recycling, the UK’s largest food waste collection company. The food waste recycling collection service will help businesses reduce CO2 emissions and help move towards zero waste to landfill.
Mark Horner, Director of Vertas Environmental, said: “For over six years, we’ve been passionate about supporting businesses and schools to achieve their goals to protect the environment. We’re proud to be launching this new service and partnering with both Solebay Waste and Recycling Services and Keenan Recycling, who will deliver food waste recycling to the highest quality standard.”
David Burrows, Managing Director at Sole Bay Waste and Recycling Services comments on the new partnership: “We have been delighted to launch the new food waste service in our local area. The service has been implemented in local restaurants, cafes, pubs, hotels and households who previously had no other option but to dispose of food waste with their general waste. We are driven to improve our relationship with the natural environment and are excited at the prospect of branching out further into Suffolk through this new partnership with Vertas.”
Gary Mills, Sales Manager at Keenan Recycling comments: “Keenan Recycling began as a garden waste composting business near Aberdeen in 2001. Since then, we have progressed to become the largest national food waste collections and recycling company in the UK, operating out of fourteen regional bases and with further expansion planned. We’re proud to be teaming up with Vertas and to offer our expertise in delivering our first-class services to their broad client base.”

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